New Filter for Windows PC’s

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We are excited to announce the release of our new Windows filter. CloudVeil for Windows has been designed from the ground up over the last 3 years. It consists of a small app that is installed on the client PC. All policy is downloaded from the management server on a predetermined schedule. This includes whitelists, blacklists, and lists that can be assigned to the Relaxed Policy function.


  • All filtering performed locally on each workstation. This greatly improves speed and performance in low bandwidth situations.
  • Full URL and content scanning.
  • Complete block page history.
  • Relaxed Policy to allow for Youtube and other video sites. The time and uses are settable.
  • Deactivation Requests processed through the CloudVeil app.
  • Most settings can be customized on a per user basis.
  • Works with satellite Internet.
  • Many exciting new features to follow soon!

This new and improved filter is possible thanks to years of effort by Thanks for the dedication.

The filter can be purchased and downloaded directly from our website