CloudVeil for Windows Test – CloudVeil

CV for Windows

Advanced filtering and content scanning technology for Windows PC’s and laptops. (Windows RT and S Mode not supported)

Looking for bells and whistles?

Filters all browsers

CloudLocker automatically scans apps for category rating then compares the results to CloudVeil Policy.

Enforces SafeSearch

Optional. Allows you to use your Chrome and Google search apps. Also filters numerous other apps with unsafe in-app browsers.

Time Restrictions

Set time restrictions on apps from your My Filters Page.

YouTube SafeSearch

Samsung devices utilize enterprise features allowing CloudLocker to actually disable apps and features instead of merely blocking them with a pass code.

Relaxed Policy Mode

This is our filtered internet browser, and is included with all browser plans. Firefox based and up to date.

Tamper Resistant

Tamper resistant features including notification on uninstall and disable attempts, and when CloudLocker fails to report to our server.

Fast Browsing

Use CloudLocker to lock down any app of your choice, right on the device.

Business Options

CloudLocker Device Owner allows additional blocking functionality, such as factory reset, safe mode, disabling blocked apps and more!

"This app does an excellent job of protecting me from the bad and the useless. And customer service is wonderful."

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