Video Tutorials

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Need to see a product demonstration or video tutorial? We recognize that there are many educational videos online that can be useful for everything from viewing a tutorial on how to repair your washing machine to evaluating new software for your business.

The negative side is that these videos, even tho they may be embedded on a totally clean website page, are usually hosted on the same website as videos categorized as aggressive, entertainment, fantasy, and even pornography. Video hosting websites such as Youtube and Vimeo do not accurately categorize these videos, and even if they did there is no easy way to filter them. This means they need to be blocked if you want to protect yourself and your family from offensive material.

We are more than glad to unblock specific videos for you if they are of a business or educational nature and are helpful to you. Just send a request from the blocked page to our support team and they will get back to you once it has been added to our whitelist.

The CloudVeil Team