Global and VPN App Filtering Status



Android & Apple: The Pinterest app cannot be filtered in any way. Pinterest has a policy against users uploading pornography, but they do not appear to be actively removing such content. This content is not usually found by accident, but can be found by using devious search methods. This app is blocked by default, but can be unblocked upon request.


The YouTube Kids app can be used, which has YouTube strict filtering, but the search functionality can be frustrating. YouTube also has a pornography policy, but it can still be found.

Android: CloudLocker VPN will enforce YouTube’s own SafeSearch moderate setting. This is effective in blocking adult content but does not remove entertainment or all morally inappropriate videos. The YouTube Kids app can also be used to block adult content and uses YouTube’s SafeSearch Strict setting.

Apple: The YouTube app is currently not filtered, but may be forced to YouTube safe search in the future. The YouTube Kids app can be used to block adult content.

Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, AliExpress, & Alibaba etc

Android & iOS: These shopping apps are not filtered. Accessing their website in the filtered browser instead will enable text filtering.

Google Maps

Android & Apple: This app has all the known loopholes filtered using our VPN and Global filters.

Google Assistant

Android: The Google app is filtered, and mostly functional. Our goal is to ensure basic functionality; for example images may not load correctly in the news feeds, etc.

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