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Blue Coat – Unified Agent for Mac

  • Works on macOS 10.15 Catalina and older. This filter is incompatible with macOS 11 Big Sur +.
  • For macOS 11 Big Sur or newer, use Cloudveil for Mac.
  • Cloud-delivered business-grade content filtering.
  • Small client installs on each computer.
  • Policy is customize-able to meet your specific needs. See this FAQ to get an idea of what we block by default.
  • Blocks most image searches.
  • This service is based on ThreatPulse technology and provides an additional layer of malware protection.
  • Accountability reports are available on request.
  • See this FAQ for antivirus compatibility information.
  • Note: Does not work with Xplornet Satellite Internet.
  • What websites are blocked?
    • Adult Related Categories (includes most image searches)
    • Liability Concern Categories (includes scam and copyright concerns)
    • Entertainment
    • Games
    • Humor/Jokes
    • Audio/Video Clips
    • Radio/Audio Streams (excluding congregational streaming)
    • TV/Video Streams
    • Personal Sites
    • Personals/Dating
    • Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)

    Sometimes sites get categorized incorrectly. Feel free to send us the miscategorized site or you can submit it for review here.

    We aren’t currently able to create an individual policy for mobile browsers but we hope to add that feature in the future. However, if you have a specific need, please contact us.

  • Is there a family discount?

    There is an automatic 15% discount applied on orders of 3+ filters.

    Contact us to apply this discount if you purchased 3+ filters individually, as the discount won’t be automatically applied.