CloudLocker Device Owner

Is CloudLocker not powerful enough? Take it to the next level by enabling Device Owner, at no additional charge!

*Requires CloudLocker subscription


Tamper-resistance is greatly increased. A factory reset is required to disable CloudLocker.

Hide Blocked Apps

Server blocked apps are disabled and removed from the phone! Accessibility permissions are no longer necessary for blocking apps. User blocked apps remain visible.

Safe Mode

Restarting into Safe Mode is blocked.

Factory Reset

Can block factory reset. (contact CloudVeil to enable)

Global Proxy

(Optional) It's the highest security we can offer. It forces ALL apps to use our content filter. This can cause some unwanted app behavior, but retains basic functionality.


Other block options are Debugging Mode, installing apps from unknown sources, screenshots, and WiFi configuration.

Samsung Devices

Samsung devices do not generally benefit from Device Owner as they already have the necessary management features. There are some exceptions with lower end models.

Android 6 & Under

There are currently 2 available install methods for these devices. (1.) Factory reset your device + use NFC on another phone (2.) Use the command line method with your device plugged into a computer. The second method is the easier option here if it works for you, and it doesn't take long to try.

Android 7+

Android 7 gives you the same options as Android 6 PLUS the QR code method. Factory reset the device and scan the QR code provided with your camera. Again, the command line method is usually the most painless if you don't want to factory reset.

Don’t know which version of Android you have? Read this help guide: Google>Android Version Most phones purchased in 2017 or later will have Android 7+.

Device Owner requires no additional software, and is activated by CloudLocker. By installing CloudLocker via the following methods, CloudLocker automatically gains access to additional Android blocking features. *In rare cases, off brand manufacturers have been known to corrupt the files needed for Device Owner. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about that.

. . .

Install with Command Line (PC)

Install with QR Code

Android 7 and higher (good option if you don’t mind factory resetting)

  1. Factory reset your device.
  2. On the welcome screen tap 6 times repeatedly in the same location until the scan option comes up.
  3. Scan this QR code to initiate the Device Owner process: Click here for code
  4. Follow through with the prompts and set up your your device like normal. If not prompted, you may need to go into Device > Accounts to manually add your gmail account.
  5. Open CloudLocker and sign in with your email address and install PIN. Follow through with setup prompts.

Install with NFC

Android 5 and higher (use as a last resort)

  1. Ensure that your devices can communicate. For example, try sending a file via Sbeam or Android Beam. Read more about NFC here: https://www.androidauthority.com/how-to-use-nfc-android-164644/
  2. Factory reset your device.
  3. At the welcome screen, you will need to touch your device to any NFC enabled Device with CloudLocker installed. On your 2nd device, open CloudLocker > NFC Provisioning and touch the devices together. You should get a prompt to confirm the transfer on the receiving device.
  4. Follow through with the prompts and set up your your device like normal. If not prompted, you may need to go into Device > Accounts to manually add your gmail account again.
  5. Install CloudLocker, and sign in with your email address and PIN. Follow through with setup prompts.

Global Proxy (optional)

Once Device Owner has been applied, the Global Proxy can be activated either (1.) By CloudVeil Support after CloudLocker is signed into and activated, or (2.) By entering the Global install PIN when signing into CloudLocker. Contact CloudVeil support for this PIN. It can then be toggled on/off by CloudVeil Support as needed.

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