Accountability Apps

An accountability app can be used to add another layer of protection against immoral websites when used together with a filter on an Android device. We do not recommend accountability apps as a standalone option. Note: Accountability software is of very limited value on iOS devices due to imposed limits in iOS.

We have tested and can recommend the following:


Ever Accountable

Clean Internet – My Web Filter

A filter for Windows PC’s. Users should request the MyWebFilter policy when enrolling.

CloudVeil for Windows

Home and business-grade content filtering for Windows. All filtering is performed locally on each workstation. This greatly improves speed and performance, especially in low bandwidth situations.

CloudVeil Global

Designed for general and business users who require a reliable and convenient filter. The Safari browser is filtered as well as in-app browsers.

CloudVeil CloudLocker VPN

Designed for users who need reliable browsing using Chrome and Play Store access. It also allows speech to text and voice commands in Google Maps, etc.

Compass Foundation

A very secure iOS filter similar to CloudVeil Global. Some apps are blocked by default due to the inability to filter them. iOS devices must be initially configured by a Compass technician.

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