CloudVeil Messenger

Safe. Simple. Free from social media
and entertainment features.

Built on Telegram

CloudVeil Messenger is a replica of Telegram with some features disabled:


Prevents gif and video search.

In-App browser

You must have a browser installed to open web links.

Global Search

Blocks searching for Telegram users, groups, and channels.

TElegram bots

Telegram bots are blocked by default.

All Channels

Channels are blocked by default. You may request organizational channels.

Profile Photo

Only 2 images can be uploaded.

Our Mission

CloudVeil Messenger is designed to be a safe, simple messaging app for voice messages, text messages, and file sharing. Its purpose is not to be a social media, news, or entertainment platform. There are many other content platforms and even other Telegram clients better suited for those uses.

Channel Policy

Blocked categories on CloudVeil Messenger will include, but are not limited to:

Adult / Pornography


Music Sharing / Search

Video Sharing / Search




Personal / Dating

If you are the channel admin and wish to request access to a business or organizational channel for a church or school, please reply to this email with the following information:
  1. A brief description of the channel’s purpose and intended audience.
  2. Reason why it should be unblocked.
  3. The name of your organization.
If the request meets the criteria to be unblocked on CloudVeil Messenger, you will be notified by our CloudVeil policy team once the channel has been unblocked.

Is it really free? Absolutely!

This app is funded mainly by donations and grant money from several organizations who align with our vision of this project, along with revenue from paying customers of our other filtering products.

The work involved and the associated costs have far exceeded our initial expectations and we welcome contributions to this project. We’ll give higher priority to fixing issues or adding features requested by contributing sponsors.


Linux 32 bit: Coming Soon

Linux 64 bit: Coming Soon 

CloudVeil Messenger Privacy & Security Tips

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