What is CloudVeil Messenger?

CloudVeil Messenger is an unofficial client for Telegram that is designed to be a safe, simple messaging app for voice messages, text messages, and file sharing.

Why CloudVeil Messenger?

CloudVeil Messenger is designed for those taking advantage of parental controls or restrictions settings on their devices and does not include an in-app web browser or an in-app image/GIF search. Bots are disabled as well as global channel and user search.

CloudVeil Messenger is free?

CloudVeil Messenger is free for anyone to use. We’re not monetizing CloudVeil Messenger with a subscription or up-front purchase fee, by showing ads, or by harvesting user data. Development, maintenance, and support costs for this app are funded mainly by donations and grant money from several organizations who align with our vision of this project, along with revenue from paying customers of our other filtering products.
The work involved and the associated costs have far exceeded our initial expectations and we welcome contributions to this project. We’ll give higher priority to fixing issues or adding features requested by contributing sponsors.

Where can I get CloudVeil Messenger?

CloudVeil Messenger connects directly to the Telegram network and is fully compatible with stock Telegram clients. Install directly from the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.

Windows: Download

Linux 32 bit: Coming Soon

Linux 64 bit: Coming Soon

macOS: Download

CloudVeil Messenger Privacy & Security

Why don’t I get notified about new messages?

Usually, it’s due to one of several things. On Android, either the app is set to be battery optimized or background data is turned off for the app. On iOS, notifications may be disabled or the app has been force closed. Please ensure that your CloudVeil Messenger app is updated to the latest version available in the Google Play store or the App Store and then follow the tips located in our faqs. Click here for Android or here for iOS.

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