Best phone to filter

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What type of device is easier to filter? Unfortunately there isn’t a clear cut answer on this question but there are a few points that you should consider.


  • NEW! Android Family Link offers parental controls on family member devices. These work well with CloudLocker, and include Chrome website block/allow lists, as well as the ability to block or allow apps permanently or time based. A guide on this is coming, for now see
  • There are over 24,000 unique Android device models in existence! Filter apps behave a little differently on each device, presenting a challenge to filter developers. Keeping to mainstream and recommended brands is a good idea.
  • The VPN and Global proxy filters allow you to use the stock Chrome browser.
  • Most of Samsung’s latest devices are filter friendly and offer the most robust filtering controls. Due to these features, they are the easiest Android devices to filter. (Enabling our Global proxy filter is much easier on supported Samsung devices.)
  • Cheap, off-brand Android tablets and phones seem to be less filter-friendly in general. This is because they run a modified version of Android, with parts of the operating system missing or corrupted.
  • Kyocera and Huawei devices are known to have issues with app lockers, including the CloudLocker app.
  • Samsung, Motorola, Pixel, and LG, are known to work well with CloudVeil.


  • There are very few unique Apple device models, resulting in very consistent and predictable behavior across the iOS device platform.
  • Siri is reasonably safe if you have explicit content disabled in Restrictions.
  • It’s quite common for apps to use in-app browsers. Be especially careful of instant messaging and email apps.
  • Our advanced Global filters cost almost double than those for Android devices, but can filter these in-app browsers and allow you to use Safari (the stock browser)