Which apps does CloudLocker automatically block?

Our primary focus is to accommodate functional and practical needs of business and other purposeful uses of the Internet. We autoblock the current categories by default: Game_Strategy Game_Arcade Game_Music Comics Entertainment Media_and_Video Music_and_Audio Photograghy Social We autoblock the current content … Read More

Can I hide the VPN IS RUNNING notification?

Most of like to have our devices as free of clutter as possible. Unfortunately, Android has decided not to allow the user to hide VPN connection notices. Since CloudLocker VPN obviously requires a VPN, this notification is a necessary evil. … Read More

How do I search images?

Google and Bing Image Search are difficult to filter, but we do have a few other options. These websites should work in all our browsers: http://safesearch.pixabay.com http://www.kidzsearch.com/images.html http://photosforwork.com/ http://www.photosforclass.com/   If these sites aren’t adequate for your needs, please contact … Read More

Google – I’m not a robot

Are you getting tired of filling out captcha’s to confirm you’re not a robot? See this page: https://www.cloudveil.org/google-captcha/

Can I use YouTube

Android: The YouTube app can be requested in CloudLocker > Request Unblock. The safest way to use the YouTube app is with CloudLocker VPN, which removes the adult content. Apple iOS: Global iOS blocks YouTube, however you can request that … Read More

Are all bad apps blocked?

CloudLocker uses the Play Store categories and ratings to block apps. This takes care of most inappropriate apps, however it’s recommended to use the Youth setting which quarantines ALL newly download apps until they are unlocked with the pass code … Read More

What is the most secure option?

Currently we have only one setting available for browsing in Chrome / Blue. But CloudLocker comes with many configuration options, two are suggested below: 1.Choose VPN and install with Youth Settings.  2. Install the Global Proxy. Device Owner required if not Samsung. … Read More

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