CloudVeil Router No WiFi

From: $8.99 / month and a $210.00 sign-up fee


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Router Based DNS Filter WiFi not included

(To take full advantage of this product’s management and restriction features, we recommend using Unifi access points where WiFi is required)

  • Perfect for schools, guest homes, businesses, or anywhere you want to add a second layer of unobtrusive network filtering.
  • Blocks most adult and malicious content.
  • Compatible with all device types.
  • $8.99 per location per month. (Schools and churches $5.39 per month)
  • Includes unlimited devices per location.
  • System Includes one enterprise grade managed router
  • Managed router allows for a guest portal to allow access to the Internet and/or local printers along with options to disable access based on the time of the day and to limit speeds to preserve bandwidth.

Important Prerequisites

  • Please sign up for this product under an account specific to your church or school.
  • It is simplest if you use a modem only from your ISP rather than a combo modem / router. If you your ISP provides you with a combo unit, then you’ll want to log into that unit and set it to bridge mode.
  • Choose DHCP if your Internet Service Provider offers you that connection method.

Note: This is not a replacement for filters on computers and other devices.

Churches and schools receive a $50 discount on our router based filter by using the coupon code: “routerkit”.

Churches and schools receive a monthly discount on the filtering by using the coupon code: “router”.

Allow 2 to 4 days for setup in our system.

  • What websites are blocked?
    • Adult Related Categories (includes most image searches)
    • Liability Concern Categories (includes scam and copyright concerns)
    • Entertainment
    • Games
    • Humor/Jokes
    • Audio/Video Clips
    • Radio/Audio Streams (excluding congregational streaming)
    • TV/Video Streams
    • Personal Sites
    • Personals/Dating
    • Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)

    Sometimes sites get categorized incorrectly. Feel free to send us the miscategorized site or you can submit it for review here.

    We aren’t currently able to create an individual policy for mobile browsers but we hope to add that feature in the future. However, if you have a specific need, please contact us.