Edge Router

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Edge Router for schools who already have a CloudVeil Router or filtered firewall.

  • Perfect for schools, guest homes, businesses, or anywhere you want to add a second layer of unobtrusive network filtering.
  • Blocks most adult and malicious content.
  • Compatible with all device types.
  • System Includes one enterprise grade managed router
  • Works with our Student Device Management product, even on satellite / LTE internet.
  • Works with Unifi access points (sold separately).

Important Prerequisites

  • Please sign up for this product under an account specific to your church or school.
  • It is simplest if you use a modem only from your ISP rather than a combo modem / router. If you your ISP provides you with a combo unit, then you’ll want to log into that unit and set it to bridge mode.
  • Choose DHCP if your Internet Service Provider offers you that connection method.

Churches and schools receive a $50 discount on our router by using the coupon code: “routerkit”.


Allow 2 to 4 days for setup in our system.