How do I configure CloudVeil DNS on my own router?

  1. Purchase a DNS filtering subscription.
  2. Log into your local router’s admin webpage. Click for Details.
  3. Set your WAN DNS to to the CloudVeil primary and secondary DNS addresses you received from CloudVeil Support.
  4. Create a firewall rule to forward all port 53 requests to CloudVeil DNS servers, OR a firewall rule to block all other DNS requests. The latter is the most common, but the former is preferred and is how the CloudVeil Router System works.
  5. On an unfiltered device, visit and ensure the site is blocked by CloudVeil.

Unfortunately, there are too many different brands of routers, each with different menus and options, to have an easy conclusive guide. If you are unable to configure your router, we will be happy to do it for you. Click HERE.