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Designed for general and business users who require a reliable and convenient filter.

  • Option to allow the camera to be controlled by the user.
  • Provides complete device filtering. All web traffic is routed through our filtered server. See this FAQ to get an idea of what this filter blocks.
  • Allows the use of Safari. Email links open directly in Safari.
  • All apps are filtered including in-app browsers.
  • Choose from multiple options to suit your needs.

Important Prerequisites

  • Requires you to factory reset your device.
  • A small provided Windows or Mac utility automatically installs the filter for you. This small utility runs on a computer which you must provide for the installation. iTunes must be installed on this computer.
  • You should create a backup before resetting your device. However, do not restore this backup to your device unless absolutely necessary as it will unsupervise your device and you will need to begin the process over again.
  • Requires iOS 9 or higher.
  • Mac or Windows 7 and higher.

New! This filter is now automatically configured in our system during the install process. You no longer need to wait for the device to be provisioned by CloudVeil Support before you can install.